Craig’s Tabloids : David Tennant Dating On-Screen Daughter


who404_675807cAccording to the Telegraph, Doctor Who actor David Tennant is currently seeing his co-star Georgia Moffett, who plays his on-screen daughter.

Yes, although its none of our business, the relationship between Tennant, 37, and Moffett, 23, is raising some eyebrows.

As if it wasn’t odd enough that Moffett is Tennant’s on-screen daughter, she is the real-life daughter of Peter Davison, who played one of Doctor Who’s previous incarnations.

The two were spotted at Moffett’s house, and Tennant spent the night, leaving at 11am the next morning.

According to the Telegraph, a “friend” of Miss Moffett’s said: “They have been going out together for a while now but meet up at each other’s houses so as to avoid being spotted by Who fans.

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