UK to get new Battlestar Galactica first?


nup_111710_1396As of just twenty minutes ago, the United States and United Kingdom have aired exactly the same number of Battlestar Galactica episodes, both having reached Season Four, Episode Seven, “Guess What’s Coming To Dinner?” 

There’s nothing particularly unusual about this: every week from Tuesday for Friday, once Sky One finishes their latest episode, both nations are technically on the same episode, until Sci-Fi Channel US airs their episode on Friday night.

This week, however, Sci-Fi Channel are taking a break in America, with Galactica set to return on Friday 30th May.

It seems that Sky One are taking no such break, however, and it seems entirely possible that new Battlestar episodes will world premiere on Sky One, in the United Kingdom.

It’s not the first time this has happened with the two stations.  Over the years, Sky One has pulled ahead of Sci-Fi on several shows, most notably the latter halves of several Stargate seasons.

Whether or not the US retakes the lead remains to be seen; the entire Battlestar production schedule was thrown into disarray by the WGA strike, and as a result, the exact running schedule is also slightly uncertain.

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