Final Art for Stargate Continuum Released

0 have confirmed the final DVD artwork for the upcoming Stargate movie, Stargate: Continuum.

While Amazon are running this image, Gateworld have a slightly different version with white effects behind the text, possibly more up to date.

While I’m sure constant revision takes place on every major DVD cover, I’ve never seen a case of this many variations leaking online.

Regardless, his confirms that FOX eventually chose to run with a version of the ice-planet artwork over that of the planet, a story we covered earlier this month.

A FOX representative told

A modified version of the ice gate will be the “final, final, final” cover image when Continuum hits the shelves in North America this summer. It is also expected to be the art used on the movie’s international release.

Overall, it’s a definite improvement over the ‘potential’ ice planet image from a week or so ago, but it doesn’t quite have as nice a feel as the planet image, in my opinion.

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