Battlestar Galactica Ratings on the Rise?


NUP_111710_1900 have posted a fantastic article for those of you interested in the Battlestar Galactica ratings in this, its final season.

The Sci-Fi channel’s critical success Battlestar Galactica has at times struggled to maintain its viewership. But recent ratings studies show BSG is gaining viewers, an additional 4% of the male aged 18-49 demographic, the most sought after in television. This translates into about 1.4million viewers every week.

One cool statistic focuses on only those with a week long DVR capability (the ability to record the show and watch it later); in such cases the show is up 18%. The total viewership for each episode is up around an impressive 2.1 million.

It’s a great look at why people watch Galactica in the first place, and how series like it can hope to boost their ratings as they run.

What makes a show generate new ratings? Word of mouth. Advertising. Friend recommendations. That’s pretty much it and in this case, it’s probably word of mouth. The advertising for Battlestar Galactica has seemingly increased during season 4, though it flaunts some of the more complex aspects of the show; who will turn out to be Cylon and who can be trusted. So it must be friends telling friends – and that’s how its been spreading across Film School Rejects. Just over the past few weeks, several of us here have really gotten into the show.

A good read if you’re short of things to do and fancy raising your Geek-O-Meter a little more.

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