Stargate Atlantis Picked Up For Fifth Season


Despite intense speculation over Stargate Atlantis’ future, SCI-FI have announced the show will return for a fifth consecutive season.

The news comes as a surprise to a great many fans, given the apparently bleak future suggested by the shows recent ratings.

However, according to Atlantis show-runner Joseph Mallozzi, “More people are using DVR’s and alternate viewing means. SCI FI is the most DVR’ed network and Atlantis one of the most DVR’ed shows.”

“Some recent research discovered that our audience increases by up to an astounding 78 percent when the “Live + 7″ numbers are factored in. That’s huge!”

It would appear that Atlantis’ viewing figures are infact the same, if not higher than they used to be.

Let’s hope SCI-FI continues to take the Live + 7 figures into account.

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