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It’s been a tough few weeks in the Sci-Fi Heaven world.

Personally, I’ve been extremely busy with a lot of academic work and other pursuits (I’ve written a play, Skyline, to be performed at the Riverside Theatre, Northern Ireland, next year) which are taking up a lot of my time.

However, I asked myself the question this evening, “Surely you can’t be that busy. You visit the site every day. Why aren’t you posting news for the thousands of adoring fans?”

Leaving aside the obvious flaw in that, that there are in fact millions of fans who frequent the site (delusions of grandeur, anyone), the truth is that there hasn’t been all that much happening lately.

Sure, a few Trek XI paparazzi pictures leaked, but they show you… well, nothing. The American Writer’s strike has just about halted every major sci-fi production at the moment (especially Battlestar Galactica). The only science fiction I watch which is really continuing unaffected is Stargate Atlantis, for the simple reason that most of the writers are on the Canadian Writers Guilds rather than the American ones. But truth me told, while it’s been okay, it hasn’t been anything stunning enough to write about.

Aside from Razor, which I caught last month (and I have to say, it was absolutely fantastic, I felt), there’s really been damned little else going on.

Perhaps I missed a memo.

There’s a promising movie coming out sometime next year. I forget the name. I’ll hunt it down. Morgan Freeman, James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie (yeah, bizarre for a good movie). From the guy who did Night Watch. Yeah, might be good.


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