Doctor Who To Have One Year Break


The rumours have been flying ’round the interweb for weeks and now finally we have confirmation.

Here’s the schedule:

2007 Christmas – “Voyage of The Damned”

2008 April – Series four begins airing

2008 Christmas – Special airs

NO SERIES FOR 2009………….However, throughout ’09 we will have THREE separate specials, in lieu of an actual thriteen episode series. Speculation is that this gives David Tennant time to pursue some stage work(Shakespeare)and perhaps some other film work. Additional rumours circulating is this could be the time needed for the proposed changes behind the scenes to take place. Show runner Russell T Davies may be leaving(well, he WILL at some point)and this gives the new team time to plot a new course.

The show will return for its fifth series in 2010, at which point we have ZERO idea who will be in front of OR behind the camera. All we DO know is that George Bush WILL NOT be president.

And that’s a good thing.

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