Stargate Atlantis Episode Titles


Contains Minor Spoilers

I often compain about the poor standard (I feel) of SGA episode names – they’re just so damned bland and uninspiring.

Titles such as “Adrift”, “Lifeline”, “Reunion”, “Travellers” and “Missing” are hardly the literature titles that will be remembered in a thousand years. What’s worse, these are the names of the next five episodes of the show. In a row.

How dull.

However, whilst flicking through the upcoming episodes I discovered that the midseason episodes this year are to be called ” This Mortal Coil” and “Be All My Sins Remember’d”

Now THAT’s more like it. They may be stolen from Shakespeare, but it’s a start! Way to go Atlantis writers! More of this please.

Oh wait, one after that’s called “Trio”.


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