Save Jericho Petitions


It may not be 100% confirmed yet, but already numerous petitions have sprung up online to save Jericho.

For those of you who don’t know, American television network CBS appear to have cancelled the popular sci-fi/drama show, “Jericho”, set in post-Nuclear holocaust Kansas. The show was posting steady ratings of around 8 million viewers towards the end of its first season, and has a strong fanbase online.

Yet if recent developments are to be believed, the show will not be picked up for a second season this Fall by CBS.

Being the loyal fan that I am, I’m going to try and save the show however I can. If you feel like helping out too, and please do, you can send an email to CBS by doing the following:

1. Follow this link.
2. Select Jericho
3. Complain directly to CBS about the show’s cancellation, and what it means to you.

Alternatively, you can sign the Save Jericho Petition at Petition Online.

Please give it a second folks – it might change something.

You can tell I’m an optimist.

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