Save Jericho Campaign


Looks like we Jericho fans are going to make an appeal for the shows survival. Shaun over at TV Guide Forums writes:

We are battling for a renewal for JERICHO..

Several fronts: We are sending various versions of “nuts” to CBS. Peanuts, styrofoam peanuts, pictures of peanuts and yes a case of peanuts to CBS TV.

CBS ATTN: Nina Tassler
51 West 52dn Street New York New York 10019 RE: JERICHO

Calling CBS programming 212 975 3247

Going to and sending in feedback.

Emailing: TVGuide, Entertainment Weekly etc..

If you like JERICHO act today…if your sick of the crime shows..act today..if your sick of reality and game all means act today.

If anyone’s wondering what all this talk of peanuts and various other nuts is about, watch the Jericho finale. It’s Jake’s message to Constantino signalling Jericho won’t give up without a fight. Sending CBS peanuts is a rather good idea, I think.

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