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Jericho seems to be one of relatively few sci-fi casualties for the Fall season.

It looks like the CW have renewed SUPERNATURAL and SMALLVILLE for further 22 episode seasons.

HEROES and LOST (next year) are set to return, as was fully expected.

STARGATE SG-1 of course won’t be around, but ATLANTIS should have at least one more year (despite dire ratings at the moment). BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is renewed for a fourth, and possibly final season.

24 (which, after this season’s ridiculous plot, I am now deeming sci-fi) has been renewed for two more seasons.

There are, of course, a few new sci-fi shows scheduled to air in the new season. So far, they mainly appear to be cheap rip-offs of previous shows (Journeyman IS Quantum Leap, folks). Heroes: Origin looks as though it might be mildly interesting, but if anything else happens, I’ll be sure to let you know.

And I must say, after Jericho’s untimely cancellation, I’m reluctant to start watching anything in its first year.

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