“Heroes” Spin-Off Announced


From Sci-Fi Wire

NBC announced that it has ordered six segments of a new series called Heroes: Origins, which will air in the main show’s Monday-night time slot when it goes on hiatus, Variety reported.

The new series will center on new characters that haven’t yet been introduced on the original show, and will feature an interactive element. Viewers will have a chance to vote for their favorite character, who will later cross over to the regular Heroes.

According to Variety, the move is intended to avoid repeats, which have been earning record low ratings this year on all five networks.


Well, it’s different. In a kind of this-has-been-done-a-million-times-but-we’re-adding-a-slight-gimmick kind of way.

It’s like Celebrity Big Brother, only the people aren’t even real.

Sounds like fun.

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