Competition: CSI Season 6: Episodes 13-24


With the help of some of our friendly media contacts, we’re giving one lucky user the chance to win their very own copy of the second half of C.S.I.’s sixth season.


From the press release (link below):

On June 4th 2007 join Vegas’ finest as they scrutinize and solve a selection of confounding crime scenes ranging from gang shootings to pseudo Nazi torture chambers.

With astute writing, intense portrayals and groundbreaking special effects, CSI has brought crime drama into a whole new calibre of excellence and is a heart-stopping, rip-roaring ride into the not-so-quiet world of forensic science.

The second instalment of the Season 6 DVD features a host of extras, including writers’ commentary, coroner’s reports and a “˜Gadgets & Gizmos’ section detailing the technical tools used in selected episodes.

Extras: “Killer” Commentary with Naren Shankar, Kenneth Fink an Dustin Lee Abraham; “Poppin’ Tags” Commentary with Dustin Lee Abraham and George Eads; “Apparent Cause of Death” featurette; “Gadgets and Gizmos” featurette; Coroner’s Report featurette; Season Six Trajectory featurette

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