American TV Network “Decisions of the Year”


Still bitter about the Jericho cancellation (which hasn’t been officially announced yet, actually), I found a post on TrekBBS by NX01_Mark. It’s his list of the “best” decisions taken by US TV Networks this year (edited slightly by myself).

How To Run A Network

* Let’s move our most popular show, Lost, to 10pm and then air the first 6 episodes. Take a six month break before airing the rest.

* Let’s premiere a new show on FOX, in April.

* Let’s split JERICHO up in two halves with a three month+ break in between episodes 11 and 12, even though the ratings held perfectly well until episode 11.

* Let’s split up our most succesful night of SCI FI programming and wonder why they are failing.

* Let’s air half a season of Stargate, then go on a break for 7ish months. During our ingenious beak the remaining half of the year will air in most other world countries. When we air our half, fans will have downloaded the new episodes from abroad. Magnificent. :)

Most fans could do a better job of running American TV Networks than the current heads of scheduling.

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