In an apparent attempt to boost mediocre ratings, US network THE CW has announced that a fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise will be broadcast this fall on the station.Captain Archer

According to The CW’s press release, “the entire cast has signed on to return, with the addition of regular guest star Jeffrey Combs”. There will, however, be changes behind the scenes.

“We are proud to announce that this new voyage will be helmed by veteran Manny Coto,” said The CW. “We hope that the Enterprise and its crew can recapture the magic it was beginning to display towards the end of its previous run.”

The move is a definite surprise, but a welcome one amongst the fans. Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled in 2005 as ratings fell and former Paramount network UPN attempted to appeal to a new demographic.

Enterprise captain Scott Bakula today said, “I’m really excited. We all are. Connor [Trinneer], Jolene [Blalock] and I went out to dinner last week, and we had a blast. The show was a hoot – I really can’t wait to get back into the captain’s chair again!”

No details yet as to the storyline of the new season, which presumably will be set after the formation of the early Federation. Romulan War perhaps, anyone?

To view the CW press statement, please click here.

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