Security Breach


It came to the attention of Sci-Fi Heaven this morning that there had been some form of code exploit carried out on the website configuration files. Details of this security breach will be kept private, but it consisted of some inappropriate content being linked to and uploaded to the site.

If you have been affected by any of this content, we sincerely apologise. To the normal browser of the site, your experience was probably unaffected. However, many referrals from search engines were hitting inappropriate links, and Sci-Fi Heaven appeared to be being used as a links portal.

As a result, the offensive content has been removed in its entirety, and the access passwords for the site changed in their entirety.

Again, we apologise, and we hope our upgraded security protocols prove more secure.

On a more positive note, I would like to issue a personal thank-you to one of our visitors who, after clicking one of the Forbidden Planet ad banners, proceeded to spend almost £600 on the website. Clearly, you have more money than sense. But enjoy your purchase, and we appreciate the support.

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