Stargate SG-1 – “Unending”


After ten years, Stargate SG-1 took its final televisual bow on UK screens this evening.

Cameron MitchellWithout going into spoilers (for the sake of US readers), the was a poignant, dignified, and utterly magnificent bow.

“Unending” features some of the things that made SG-1 so very special. Splendidly written character moments (something there have been very few of since Richard Dean Anderson’s departure), slick visual effects and a story that touches us on an emotional level.

This was Stargate at its finest.

For me, the standout performance award goes to Michael Shanks for his best scene in years (a well-portrayed rant at Vala). The entire cast shone, and each played an essential role in the plot. It didn’t matter that Richard Dean Anderson and Don S. Davis were no longer around; nor did it matter that Ben Browder, Beau Bridges and Claudia Black were relative newcomers – the cast gelled together. No absences were felt, and everyone stepped up to the plate. This SG-1 felt like it always had been, and always would be; and this is exactly what you want from a series finale.

It is rare for such finale to leave me with such a buzz; a feeling of fulfilment, contentment, and an honest respect for ten fantastic years. SG-1’s “Unending” rises to this challenge immensely. It does not try to create a finale with as many explosions as can be crammed in. It does not try to wrap up every single plot detail over ten years. It does what it does best; goes to the core. It works on the relationships at the heart of the show, and produces a wonderful hour of television.

Thank you to the cast and crew of Stargate SG-1, for ten wonderful years.

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