Morse Code in the Jericho titles


Jericho Morse Wiki I was recently doing some geeky web-browsing on Wikipedia, looking through the Jericho episode database. I noticed a curious a curious little something.

Under each episode card on Wikipedia, there’s a translation of the “Opening Morse Code”.

I remembered there being morse code in the title sequence, but it never even occurred to me that was actually changing every week, let alone that there were hidden messages in it.

And not only are there hidden messages, the messages actually boost the plot. Initially, they were simple (for example, “JERICHO PILOT”), but now they have moved on to messages such as “ROB NOT FBI”.

Whether or not this actually has an impact in the show remains to be seen. However, it’s definitely a nice little bonus feature for hardcore fans.

Click here to see the Pilot’s card, and you can use the Episode Chronology part of the card to shuffle through each episode with morse code translations for each.

Pretty nifty, eh?

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