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Jericho Splash I must admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for CBS’s Jericho. Since the day it launched I’ve found its approach to the nuclear-storyline to be interesting and well portrayed. Despite having to stomach some (okay, a lot of) poorly written soap-opera scenes, I kept watching until the Winter break.

Yep, it was pretty good.

After a hiatus of several months, Jericho returned to our screens last month, and the quality has been such a dramatic improvement on the first half of the season.

The later episodes before Christmas began to show promise of a darker, edgier show with the introduction of Ravenwood, trips outside the town to ravaged cities, and the sniper-standoff outside the town. As the stability of the town began to waver, the show got more and more compelling.

But what’s always left me fascinated with Jericho is its perspective on the attacks. The fact that we simply don’t know where was attacked; by whom; what for; or even what the entire fallout is, is a great stance. Each trickle of information is fascinating. Call me a geek, but it sends tingles down my spine.

The characters too have become more compelling. The introduction of the new female character has given Hawkins a great new dynamic that is moving the plot and advancing his arc. The Jake/Father storyline too was extremely compelling this week – possibly for the first time. It seems like the show’s producers have decided finally to stop developing characters for the sake of it, and instead developing them along with, and as a result of, the storyline. Excellent stuff.

And so, after Christmas, we’ve been greeted with three strong episodes. The plot is actually moving, the tension has moved up a notch (and judging by upcoming episode synopses, the best is yet to come).

I don’t know where the show is moving, or if it’ll even have a second season. All I know, is that I’m very much enjoying each week of what I feel is an extraordinarily under-rated sci-fi drama.

Tune in, and give it a shot.

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