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On January 31st the cameras stopped rolling on the initial episodes of the first-of-its-kind Internet series called Sanctuary, Martin Wood told GateWorld exclusively. Starring Amanda Tapping (“Samantha Carter”) and Christopher Heyerdahl (“Halling,” many Wraith), the series is co-written by Damian Kindler and Martin Wood.

Each episode is expected to be traditional TV-length, so one can anticipate a single show to be in the neighborhood of 40 minutes. What will make Sanctuary unique, however, is its interface. Fans should expect entertainment that is both enticing in story and completely revolutionary in viewing experience.

The series will introduce two newcomers to the regular cast, and will feature David Hewlett (“Rodney McKay”) as a guest star for several episodes.

Nothing is known regarding the plot thus far. However, Wood told us to expect a story that will, in part, have a feel similar to “Batman Begins.” The nature of how a user will access the episodes is not yet known, but it has been eluded that there will be more to the series than simply watching it. There may be a level of interactivity.

An added bonus to an Internet-based viewing experience is, as Martin rejoiced, the fact that no content will be deleted. Sanctuary will not be bound to a certain number of minutes. Each show may vary depending on the length of the story they wish to tell. In essence, every product fans view will be a director’s cut.

Four episodes are already on the table and will be available to any Internet user, regardless national borders. If viewers are ever to see more, it is up to them to show support by watching.

You can visit Sanctuary on the Web at A wispy graphic and teaser image are currently displaying, but Wood urges fans to check in on the site regularly. “Things will start to appear there very shortly,” he says.

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