Charmed Seasons 1-8 Boxset


Look at how amazingly sexy the box is! UK Release, this. Not sure what the US box is like. I can’t see it being much nicer than this one though.

Charmed Boxset

“A must for CHARMED fans, own the full series from Season 1 through to the never before released Season 8 (the show’s emotional finale) in this unique boxset. Combined in an enchanting wooden chest of the highest quality, with brass CHARMED plaque, lavish red velvet interior and certificate of authenticity, it’s the first opportunity to own all eight seasons together in one magical set.

The ultimate gift for CHARMED enthusiasts and followers, this highly covetable piece is sure to become a sought after collectors item with the close of the hugely successful series. It’s the perfect and most magical way to mark an end to the epic adventures of the Halliwell sisters, who have entertained their loyal following for so long.”

CHARMED S1 to S8 COMPLETE BOXSET is available to buy from 5th March 2007

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