He’s Federal Agent… Jason Blaine?


Amidst all the hype surrounding the new sixth season of 24 (and a mighty fine opening it was, too), Sci-Fi Heaven got tipped off as to the arrival of a new 24 web series, entited The Rookie: CTU. Here’s the press release we received:

“The Rookie” is an online series of short films, set in a “24”-themed world, that chronicles the exploits of a CTU rookie, who will risk everything to become the next great field agent.

His name is Jason Blaine, a former Navy Seal and sniper team leader of LAPD Swat, where he earned his stripes as an expert marksman. Highly recruited for his leadership and natural skill base, Jason was brought in to help gain the upper-hand in CTU’s very-real war on terror. He might be a veteran sniper with 5 kills, but at CTU – he’s a Rookie. And every rookie has to EARN his way out into the field.

Never content to stand on the sidelines, Jason finds himself unwittingly thrust into tense situations where he has to rely on his talent and instincts to save lives and foil terrorism, both foreign and domestic. Starring Jeremy Ray Valdez as Jason Blaine, “The Rookie” premieres Monday night, January 15, 2007 at www.CTUrookie.com

Not only is the first I’ve seen of this show, it’s also already airing – the first chapter’s already there. Take a look.

It’s actually not too bad. Plot’s a bit ridiculous (read as: very) so far, but the trailer looks promising and it’s very high budget for a web-series, so fingers crossed.

It seems to run with the 24 split-screen style and clock, but doesn’t appear to run in real time oddly (given that Jason jumps from CTU into the street instantly).

Still, I anticipate chapter 2.

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