Lost takes a break; Jericho actually gets good.


After a fine six-weeks airing, Lost has decided to take its “mid-season” break until February. The title suggests that the break would actually be taken in the middle of the season, when in fact it’s only just a quarter of the way through it. What’s the point of starting at all if you only air six episodes followed by a three month break. All the same, it’s better than the occasional and erratic new episode/rerun guessing game that ran last season. The UK broadcaster SKY ONE may in fact take over the US this year, and get new episodes exclusively before the United States. I was in Belfast this week and saw billboards everywhere promoting the show with the simple message: “FOUND – On Sky One”. Pretty clever, I thought – I smiled happily and got called a geek. Such is the way.

Anyway, in a strange twist, Jericho produced a good showing this week with some gun fights, crazy soldiers and a guest appearance from D.B. Sweeney (formerly of Harsh Realm). The show was a good, if somewhat mindless action-romp with a few more tantalising clues and future plot setups.

Battlestar Galactica continued its epic season with another strong episode tackling the morality of genocide, and whether or not the choice can ever be justified. Along with some space battles, twinkling Cylon ships and piano beach scenes, Galactica continues its steady search for Earth. Excellent stuff. I haven’t actually heard Galactica’s ratings for a few weeks, which is perhaps ominous, but the buzz online is that the show is presently in little danger of cancellation.

On that note, I must head over to Zap2It and get some new ratings information.


Update: Just checked those ratings – Lost, Heroes, ER (that’s just my own personal pleasure) are holding steady, but Jericho and The Nine (when are we going to learn something in that) are a little too low for comfort.

I’ve also just realised that all hell has broken loose over at the Sci-Fi Heaven forums. I really need to moderate that more often…

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