J.J. Abrams Committed to Shatner and Nimoy in Star Trek X


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Doug Wilson, Community Leader of The Omega Sector BBS and Director of Public Relations of TrekCore.com sent the following convention report to TrekWeb :

This past weekend, I was at the Creation convention in Secacus, NJ (NYC area) and on Sunday, William Shatner was the guest, and he said that “J.J. [Abrams] is committed” (as in determined) “to having Leonard [Nimoy] and I, Leonard and me, in the film.” in response to fan questions about Star Trek XI, though he isn’t sure how it will be done, or even what role they would play, wondering if they would be Kirk and Spock as Academy Instructors, or something else.

“It’s easy for Leonard, because Spock’s alive. But I’m dead.” he said, speaking of his character Captain James T. Kirk. He also quashed the Matt Damon as Captain Kirk rumor – the idea was booed by the audience – and said that “I think they’re going to go with unknowns,” as to any potential casting or recasting of Kirk & Spock. Audience reaction to the idea of a recast was fairly tepid, but between Matt Damon and unknowns in a recast, unknowns received applause. Shatner and Nimoy reprising Kirk and Spock was cheered, of course. Bill also dated his conversation with Abrams as having taken place, “about three weeks ago.”

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