Battlestar Galactica moving to Sundays


A Sci Fi Channel rep is now confirming what I’ve been hinting at for weeks: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is saying “Frak you!” to Friday.

The galaxy’s best space epic ever is heading to Sundays at 10 pm beginning Jan. 21, when the show returns with the second half of Season 3.

Clearly a ratings decision, it is difficult to see how the move will affect the show’s performance. Some say that due to the more competitive nature of a Sunday, it will be harder to find viewers. However, far more people watch television on a Sunday night than a Friday night, so perhaps Sci-Fi believes it can pick up some of these viewers.

The new time slot also makes it likely that Battlestar Galactica will air alongside the new series, the DRESDEN FILES, another positive influence given there’s a good deal of positive buzz about this show.

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