Aliens to Invade Southern Florida


For the interest of some of Sci-Fi Heaven’s Florida readers, we were contacted and ask to relay the following on to you.

MIAMI, FL ““ A massive alien invasion is on its way to South Florida and is expected to take over the Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium in November. The Science of Aliens, a blockbuster exhibition that explores the real science behind the search for alien life, is an interactive exhibit that will debut in South Florida as it begins its North American tour. This exhibit is the largest of its kind to explore humanity’s attachment to the search for alien life while using science to distinguish fact from fiction.

The Science of Aliens exhibition takes its visitors on a journey to investigate the possibility of other life forms through four themed-zones: Alien Fiction, Alien Science, Alien Worlds, and Alien Communication. Visitors can also explore what an alien world might look like, create personalized alien messages and visit iconic aliens in sci-fi pop culture, such as Alien Queen from the Alien movies. From our cultural fascination with aliens to weird creatures that already live on planet Earth, this educational exhibit explores alien life-form in an interactive way.

“We are thrilled to have such a unique exhibition choose the Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium as its North American debut. The overall theme provides great intrigue and enthusiasm for children and adults alike,” says Gillian Thomas, President and CEO of the museum. “We already have a strong foundation in science and space exploration exhibits, and Science of Aliens opens the door to imagination and ingenuity. With our focus on the new Museum in downtown Miami, we see the debut as a stepping stone to creating a worldwide educational and cultural landmark.”

This exhibit is the first installment of the Science of. . . series, a ten-year program to create international exhibits that showcase the latest developments in the world of science through interactive experiences. As a part of the Science of brand, additional complimentary activities including TV programming, educational materials, merchandise and publications will be created to continue a visitor’s exploration into science.

The Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium, founded in 1949, continues to bring special traveling exhibits to South Florida such as Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. The Museum aims to inspire individuals of all ages, cultures and walks of life to appreciate the significance, relevance and application of the sciences in order to better understand ourselves, one another and the universe we live in.

As Miami’s foremost science center, the Museum plans to continue its dedication to science education by building a world-class cultural destination that will attract South Florida’s diverse residents and international visitors to the heart of Miami ““ Bicentennial Park. The new Museum will be a 200,000 square-foot facility on 20 acres of open space along with the Miami Art Museum.

The Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium is accredited by the American Association of Museums and is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute. For more information about the Museum or the Science of Aliens exhibit, visit or call (305) 646-4200.

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