The New Avengers – Box Set


Heads up, this new set is released today.

FEATURING: Every Episode from Series 1 & Series 2

Joanna Lumley makes a foray into the world of espionage as a sexy young New Avenger.

Ten years after the end of the original Avengers, its creators brought the British spy series back with a 1970s twist. Instead of the classic man-woman team, John Steed (Patrick Macnee) was paired with two other agents – Purdey (Joanna Lumley) and Gambit (Gareth Hunt).

This 8 disc collector’s edition of The New Avengers Series 1 & Series 2 follows the adventures of John Steed and new accomplices Purdey and Gambit as they have to deal with extravagant plots and scandalous villains.

Extras: Disc 1 (series 1) The Eagle’s Nest: Commentary by actor Gareth Hunt and writer Brian Clemens
Disc 5 (series 2) Dead Men are Dangerous: Commentary by actor Gareth Hunt and writer Brian Clemens

John Steed and his new accomplices Purdey and Gambit find themselves facing new and deadly dangers in the bizarre world of espionage. Mixing fantasy with a darker edge, the trio face mutated giant rats, flocks of killer birds and fanatical mysterious monks. Later episodes find Steed’s loyalty under question and an increasing number of assignments overseas.

Discs 1 to 4 from 1976 Series 1: The Eagle’s Nest, House of Cards, The Last of the Cybernauts?, The Midas Touch, Cat Amongst The Pigeons, Target!, To Catch a Rat, The Tale of The Big Why, Faces, Sleeper, Three Handed Game, Dirtier By The Dozen and Gnaws.

Discs 5 to 8 from 1977 Series 2: Dead Men are Dangerous, Angels of Death, Medium Rare, The Lion and the Unicorn, Obsession, Trap, Hostage, K is for Kill: The Tiger Awakes (1), K is for Kill: Tiger by the Tail (2), Complex, The Gladiators, Emily and Forward Base.

Tech Specs
Cert: 12
Feature Running Time: 22 hours approx
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Colour / Pal
Region 2
English Language / Mono
Catalogue No: OPTD0642
RRP/DP: £59.99/£40.84
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