Has Lost Plugged Its Leak?


After a sharp fall in the last year, Lost rating’s have held steady from last week (infact, its up approximately 4/10s of a point). There had been some concern online (much of which was considered by the fan base to be unwarranted) that Lost’s ratings were beginning to plummet.

While there is no denying that far fewer viewers are watching this year compared to the same time last season, it would appear that the loyal fan base may have been found, and can be kept if program quality is kept solid.

Indeed, the loss of viewers last season has been attributed to a “slump” in writing standard around the middle of last season. It was also argued however that ratings were only high at the beginning of last year because of the huge Emmy pickup Lost received at the end of its first year, and many of these viewers were simply tuning in out of curiousity.

In the current competitive TV climate, let’s hope Lost can endure for years to come and continue at a high quality.

LOST airs on ABC on Wednesday nights.

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