Brent Spiner Not Happy with Prequel Rumors, Reveals the Star Trek XI That Could Have Been



The latest issue of DreamWatch, just out in the UK, features a brief interview with TNG actor Brent Spiner, in which he talks about the prequel rumors for Star Trek XI and his story idea for a now-shelved new TNG movie. Here are a few excerpts from the article.

Spiner was very complimentary about producer J.J Abrams but when asked about the chosen direction of the movie he expressed his disagreement with the prequel idea. “I don’t think it’s a great idea to do a prequel to anything.” Spiner told journalist Richard Matthews. “When has that ever been interesting? If Enterprise really said anything it was, “˜Don’t go back, go forward.’ That’s part of the whole beauty of Star Trek; it’s always been about “˜Go Boldly Where No One Has Gone Before’, not “˜Go Back to Where They Once Were That We Never Saw.’ I think that before that film gets made they’ll have a completely different idea of what it should be.”

Spiner again said that writer John Logan, who penned Star Trek Nemesis, had an idea for a movie that would have likely appealed to fans of all generations.

“One of the ideas that John Logan and I had about what the next film would have been was a Justice League of Star Trek. Something would bring all the great Star Trek villains together, from Khan to Shinzon, and Picard is the only person who could stop them and he actually has to go through time and pluck out the people he needs to help him. He goes back to the moment before Data blows up and takes him back to get Kirk and Spock, and go even further back and get Scott Bakula’s character Archer. The problem with that more than anything is cost – how do you pay for that?”

More from Spiner, including his opinion on the cancellation of Threshold, can be found at Sci Fi Pulse.

To read the full article, get the new issue of DreamWatch magazine at your local newsstand.

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