EGYPT – Engineering an Empire


Premiering October 8th, The History Channel launches an exciting new weekly series called ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE. Building on the success of the Emmy-winning hit special ROME: ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE, each episode in this fast-paced new series examines one of the world’s most advanced civilizations ““ from the perspective of their engineering feats ““ using cutting-edge CGI. The one-hour weekly series takes a look at the key leaders of each empire and explores the mark each left on his or her society ““ by way of roads, super-fortresses, dams, temples and other structures

The new series launches with a special two-hour episode, EGYPT, on Monday, October 9 at 9 pm ET/PT and will air weekly on Mondays. The series is hosted by actor and art historian Peter Weller, who was featured prominently in ROME: ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE.

The twelve week series will feature episodes on Greece, Carthage, The Age of Alexander, the Aztecs and the Maya.

As a special treat for Sci-Fi readers, you can download the show’s theme tune exclusively here.

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