Happenings at the Office


Things are pretty slow.

Our pre-release copies of the TIME TRAVEL Star Trek set arrived this morning, so we’ll have a review in a few days.

I did some tweaking to the Sci-Fi Heaven Store whilst listening to some of the new Guns N’ Roses stuff, which I must say is pretty darned awesome.

We may have some comments on the opening of the two Stargate seasons coming up depending on how slow things get.

And for those of you interested in space exploration, Cassini has found lakes and rivers of methane on Titan.

These are not bodies of water like those on Earth, but rather dark lakes of methane and possibly ethane. They are likely the source of the hydrocarbon smog in the moon’s atmosphere that has long made it impossible to even see the surface.

Several dark patches, some with channels running out of them, were spotted near Titan’s north pole during a July 22 Cassini flyby, NASA said in a statement yesterday.

“This is a big deal,” said Steve Wall, deputy radar team leader at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “We’ve now seen a place other than Earth where lakes are present.”

This was Cassini’s first look at the region. It’s radar, which penetrates the smog, was used to find several dozen lakes ranging from less than a mile wide to one that is about 62 miles long.

Pretty exciting stuff. With hydrocarbons on Titan, surely its only a matter of time until the Bush administration invades.

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