REVIEW: Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective


Arriving in the office this morning was a complete set of the Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective DVD set from CBS for review.

Owning most of the Trek series on DVD, with the exception of Voyager, I didn’t expect to be too excited. I was very wrong.

The Borg set of the new Fan Collective series is fantastic. Now you can watch the full Borg saga from beginning to end. Episodes are not arranged in air order, but rather in chronological order; thus the Enterprise episode “Regeneration” is the first in the set.

Since the check discs were devoid of packaging, I cannot comment on that, but the DVDs’ main menus are borgified and very very sleek. Most importantly, they’re fast and responsive and devoid of frustrating animations (unlike the Enterprise set). It’s simply a joy to have all these episodes from each series collected together. It saves money, time and hunting through full series discs.

As the press release says, “Raise shields and set phasers on continuous modulation as STAR TREK: BORG FAN COLLECTIVE unleashes hours of dramatic and memorable clashes between good and evil.”

No real special features, apart from text commentaries from the Okudas, which are very interesting I must say.

It’s sheer viewing pleasure, and I eagerly await the rest of these Fan Collective releases.

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