Robert Picardo gating to Stargate Atlantis



He was once an agent of the N.I.D., in charge of civilian oversight of Stargate Command. Now Richard Woolsey is a representative of the International Oversight Advisory. In a new video interview with IESB, actor Robert Picardo discusses his upcoming leap from Stargate SG-1 to Stargate Atlantis.

Beware of minor spoilers in this report.

“They’ve spun my character over to Atlantis, so I’ve done the first ten,” Picardo told the site. “So I’ve visited two different galaxies in a matter of days.”

Picardo also offered a teaser for just what Richard Woolsey is doing in the once lost city of Atlantis. “My character is turning the screws on Dr. Weir, who runs Atlantis,” he said. “I’m basically there to review whether or not she should maintain her command. So I’m kind of a bad guy who means well. So she’s a little afraid of me, but I think by the end we have a meeting of minds.”

GateWorld confirmed that Picardo will appear in the first two episodes of Season Three, “No Man’s Land” and “Misbegotten.” The actor also told the site that he will be back on Atlantis in the future.

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