Paramount Announces Takeover of ‘Trek’ Franchise by the ‘Lost’ Creative Team


It sounds like an April Fool’s Day joke, but, Ain’t It Cool News and are reporting that the Star Trek franchise will contiue with a new motion picture under the direction of ‘Lost’ creator JJ Abrams.

Star Trek XI has been in stasis for months now, but it would appear that the project is rolling again. To be penned and directed by Abrams, the new movie is set to revolve around James T Kirk’s early years, in a story revolving around Starfleet Academy. The Starfleet Academy plot rumour has been floating around the Interweb for months, but it finally appears to have some substance.

Exactly what this new move means for franchise runner Rick Berman is presently unclear, however the decision to run with a new creative team is one that suggests a much larger reboot of the franchise.

More news as it comes in.

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