Us!? Better than naked celebrities!? Surely not!


With recent content boosts, Sci-Fi Heaven has seen some very nicely increased traffic. We soared to our web host’s top site position, and also are doing extremely well on a number of blog topsite scripts. Yes, I was stunned in particular to see my beloved site move above “The Canadian Geek – A strange blend of serious news and commentary mixed with pop-culture and boobies”. Unfortunately, the riveting “Beautiful celebrity high quality erotic pics” blog is still ahead of us. Damn. It would appear that the sad truth is that if we are ever to truly rise to the top, we’re gonna need much more skin.

Nonetheless, we’re finally making out mark in the world. Site value rose another $4,000, which was quite nice. :)

We’re enjoying reading all the comments you guys are leaving – we were worried that we might need to get lives there for a short while. Your wit, reflection and intelligence continue to drive the site, and for that, we thank you.

On a side note, there’s probably some sci-fi on TV tonight. Somewhere. Sources indicate something might explode in the final act! If it happens to be Enterprise, prepare for some unnecessary nudity (yeah, I just rewatched Shockwave Part 2 – I mean, come on!).

Peace, and long life.

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