UK Sci-Fi Round-Up


Sci-Fi gets back in swing in the UK this month, details below.

    Sea of Souls
    Starts Saturday 7th Jan @ 21:10pm on BBC1
    This show about a paranormal investigation team returns for it’s second series.

    Starts Sunday 8th Jan @ 20:30pm & 22:00pm on Channel 4
    US drama which begins with two episodes, following the strange aftermath of a massive hurricane.

    Life on Mars
    Starts Monday 9th Jan @ 21:00pm on BBC1
    Sam Tyler is an ambitious cop working in present day Manchester.His hunt for a serial killer turns into a personal vendetta when he suspects his girlfriend has become the latest victim. Things turn bizzare, however, when he is involved in a near-fatal car accident and wakes up to find himself in 1973. Has he time-travelled? Is he in a coma? Has he gone mad?

    Starts Monday 9th Jan @ 21:00pm on E4
    Season five of the show comes to UK television.

    Battlestar Galactica
    Starts Tuesday 10th Jan @ 21:00pm on Sky One
    Season 2 of this excellent sci-fi show comes to Sky One.

    Starts Wednesday 11th Jan @ 22:00pm on BBC2
    A new space comedy starring Shaun of the Dead’s Nick Frost, about a British spacecraft which cruises the Galaxy in 2151, trying to encourage Aliens to relocate their businesses to Peterborough and take their holidays in the Lake District.

    Masters of Horror
    Starts Friday 13th Jan @ 23:00pm on Bravo
    The 13-part horror series featuring the cream of the worlds horror directors finally comes to UK television.

    Starts Monday 9th January @ 21:00pm on ITV 2
    The hit US show comes to the UK.

Also next week…

    Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis return to their regular Sky One slots (Tuesday, 20:00pm & Wednesday, 20:00pm respectively) after the Christmas break, and the final two episodes of Lost series one air on Channel 4 back to back on Wednesday 11th, starting at 22:00pm.
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