Serenity and Firefly hold the Amazon Chart


Serenity and Firefly are holding the Amazon Top Sellers DVD Chart with Serenity at #2 and Firefly at #3. Given the competition around Christmas and the New Year, it would appear to be a fantastic performance.

Firefly has rarely dropped from the Top 10 in the last few months, and WalMart even was forced to suspend sales of Firefly as they ran out of the product.

It would appear that the companies (and I do believe different companies have marketed and published Serenity and Firefly) are making a bit of a killing.

Certainly, in the year’s round up, Serenity seems to be making a bit of a scene in the film industry, with articles coming in from DVDTalk, The Associated Press and even the prestigious New Republic magazine (subscription required to view entire article).

We’ll certainly see as the 2005 Awards roll out whether or not Serenity will get the respect many feel it deserves. I certainly do.

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