Silence Is, in fact, Golden


You may noticed some ads around the site recently (carefully and strategically placed so as not to annoy you, I might add!). These are the product of a campaign we are running with a host of companies and are being shown in a number of AMC cinemas across the United States. Before every showing, you will see an ad similar to this one.

They’re rather amusing, and remind cinema-goers of the importance of turning their phones off. Hopefully though, it’ll put a general mark of disapproval on interruption in general though. Cinema-goers in America, it seems, are perfectly capable of having conversations about the weather through the middle of a tense and dramatic scene.

The ads are set up to look like a full animated movie trailer, until someone’s cellphone interrupts – influencing the outcome of the movie in a negative way. It’s a nifty little idea, and if you want to see the ad, just click here. You’ll have to stream the ad, or if that annoys you (as it does I), you can download the stream to your hard drive with COCSoft Steam-Down – free to try.

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