Sci-Fi Cast News *Spoilers*


Claudia Black to joing former Farscape co-star Ben Browder as full time cast member in Stargate Season 10 Sci-Fi Wire is reporting that Catherine Bell is set to join Threshold in a recurring role. Braga also announced that the much talked about but, as of yet, unseen fiancee of Lucas Pegg would also become a recurring character. In typical Braga-style, he said “[She’s] cool and pretty.” Threshold returns after a couple of weeks’ absence on Nov. 22 in a new 10 p.m. ET/PT Tuesday timeslot – in other words, tune in tonight. ;)

In other news, Claudia Black (Vala) has signed up to join Stargate SG-1‘s tenth season as a full cast member. I’m not entirely convinced I’m going to survive that, but I’ll try… Provided they tone her extremity down somewhat, it could be okay.

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