Height of “Aliens”


Let’s face it, we all have size trouble. Especially Craig.

Each week, Star Trek, Stargate and other shows create many diverse alien races by slapping a few extra noses or tendrils onto the creature’s head. Voila – the entire Slimevian race has been created with a bit of rubber. Something I’ve never seen used in science fiction is height. Sure, aliens may range in height, but what about us? Think about it – what could be more diverse? We all range in height. Why are we the height we are? Genetics, evolution, but also, apparently, the gravity of Earth. It is said that if humanity were to colonise Mars, within not too many generations those born on the Red Planet would be unable to return to Earth. Why? Because, again apparently, the lower gravity on Mars would lead to weaker skeletons but also – it is theorised – smaller people. Short, weak people. Human, but different.

Surely a storyline like this holds fantastic room for depth. Themes of segregation, racial hatred, equality and prejudice could be explored from a new angle that is both original and also more appealing to our humanity. How could we adjust to these very short humans? Would it be a difference more or less important than the colour of our skin, or our religion?

Science-Fiction is not dead, folks. Originality might be. So too may be my brain. I write this in bed, on a PDA connected to wireless. I’m such a nerd.

P.S. Anyone found to use this story in published works without credit to myself will be doused in lethal quantities of Craig’s perfume. You have been warned.

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