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With site traffic trebling in the last 9 months (round of appluase, everyone – that’s over 2,500,000 hits so far this year!), are we content? Nay, we aren’t. We shall not rest until the day Sci-Fi Heaven stands with the might of Google and Microsoft. Then, and only then, will we consider resting. :)

In the mean time, we’ve made some minor alterations (in addition to the extra padlocks we installed on Craig’s perfume cupboard). The sidebar has been refined and cleared out, hopefully making the site easier to navigate. Feel free to leave any further suggestions here, however. Also, we’ve submitted the site to a number of blog related directories and search engines in an attempt to further boost our traffic.

Coming hand in hand with this is a further increase in article quality, or so we hope! It may involve strapping Craig to a large missile and firing it into North-Western Siberia, or robbing Rob (get it?) of his warehouse full of Union Jacks – but it will be done! Stay with us through this – we hope the site will just keep getting better.

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