Billie Piper to quit Doctor Who?


According to a rather, shall we say, disreputable report from the British newspaper “The Mirror”, Doctor Who actress Billie Piper will leave the show at the end of the second season to avoid being typecast. If true, the decision follows on from that of her co-star, Christopher Eccleston, who decided to give up the keys of the Tardis to the new Doctor, David Tennant, for the same reasons.

Although the BBC have shrugged off these claims, it is not a firm denial. “We are not commenting on the third series”, said a BBC spokesperson, “We are still working on the second series. Rose has a whole new journey and a fantastic set of adventures to go on with the brand new Doctor.” They’re obviously not locking any doors.

It would probably make sense for Billie Piper to search for other roles, to strike while the iron’s hot, if you will. Billie Piper starred in a Modern Shakespeare production last week on BBC, in a leading role.

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