Month: September 2005

Is Lost sci-fi?


Given the amazing success of the Lost show, many hardcore anti-sci-fi viewers are anxious to disprove the theory that Lost is, infact, science fiction. They’d never watch something has geeky as that! Welcome to the USA 2005. Television has changed. […]

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Insane plot, brother! (Spoilers for Lost Season Two)


Lost’s second season rocketed onto US screens this week, with the premiere pulling in an astounding 23.5 million viewers (over a fifth of all US TVs on at the time).

Curiously, the premiere didn’t bother to even touch upon the fate of the raft outside of one short and cryptic scene, and chose to dedicate itself entirely on the hatch. What a bizarre twist, eh?

The second part will air next week… but I can’t honestly see how they’re going to explain this one.

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Brannon Braga Talks THRESHOLD Future (SPOILERS)


Former STAR TREK producer Brannon Braga talks to Sci Fi Wire about the future of his new sci-fi show, THRESHOLD.

“It’s worth noting that the weekly stakes of the show will be out in the real world, involving everyday people like all of us,” Braga said.
“And [wherever] the team is going, … whether it’s Miami or Ohio or Indiana or Baltimore, they’re going to be going out to investigate strange occurrences, all related to what the aliens are doing, and trying to put out fires, save the people who are in danger and try to figure out what the hell they’re doing and how they’re doing it.”

Asked about future episodes, Braga said “There’s also an interesting aspect to the show, though it’s more of a sub-aspect, which we call the West Wing aspect. In one episode there’s a senator who doesn’t know about Threshold, who discovers $50 million has been diverted to something called Threshold, and he wants to know what the hell is going on. And the lid is almost blown off the whole operation. So the team is not only trying to figure out what’s going on, they’re trying to keep
people from finding out.”

More from Braga can be found at Sci Fi Wire.

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No new Trek progress


Speaking to Trek fans in the STAR TREK MAGAZINE, Star Trek franchise-runner Rick Berman said “There’s nothing new to tell you right now. There is absolutely nothing new. We’ve talked about where things were at our last couple of interviews, and those things haven’t changed. You’ll be the first to know when there’s anything new to discuss.”

He went on to say, “We’re done with ENTERPRISE, and the film is still in the infant stages. The only things I’ve contributed to are the Star Trek DVDs. I did a commentary for the STAR TREK NEMESIS DVD. I’ve done commentaries for the ENTERPRISE DVDs. But that’s really it.”

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Caption Contest 23


Greetings all.

The results can be found in our forums.

And, if you’ll care to take a gander at the Caption Contest page, you’ll notice a new one is readily available for your comedy expertise!

Let’s let those girlish tendencies out lads! Or in the case of Craig, reel them back in.

You know. Whatever.

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Borg allowed conditional access to Earth


The notorious “Borg Collective” of Star Trek fame have attempted to make a ‘first contact’ style infiltration of Earth, today in the 21st century. In this day and age of politics and political correctness, the borg were immediately confronted by lawyers with fierce objections to the methods of the space faring collective.

The objections voiced have been largely issues to do with the Borg’s famous introductory statements. Traditionally, upon contact with a seperate party, the Borg would transmit a message saying something along the lines of: “We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile”. While there have been several variations in the past, the general idea has been the same.

After a complicated argument about the minds of the Borg legal representatives being shared with those of all others, a condition of access to Earth was finally reached, detailing among other things – a reform to the classical Borg introductory statements in order to bring them into the current era.

The altered version reads thus:
“We are the Borg – a collective minded entity consisting of a variety of intelligent species including but not limited to: Human; Klingon; Romulan and Betazoid – with equal inclusion of genders male, female, androgenous and undecided.

The probability of your assimilation is calculated to be extremely high, but may depend on a number of factors including firepower; shielding and speed capabilities of the targeted party.

Resistance is futile*

* Futility of resistance not guaranteed due to factors identified in the preceding statement.”

Since the Borg are now required to say that every time they want to attack someone, it gives the victim plenty of time to run away. Just goes to show, red tape isn’t ALL bad.

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Sci-Fi to reinstate full Stargate credits


In a somewhat bizarre twist to the Stargate-intro story, Sci-Fi Channel announced that the full-length intro sequence would indeed return to broadcasts in the second half of SG-1’s ninth season, and the second half of Atlantis’s second.

The intros of both shows were cut to a mere 10-seconds at in July to allow for more advertising space. Canada had been airing the show with the full credits anyway, but now it seems these will also be shown in the US.

Why the change? Who knows, it doesn’t seem to make an awful lot of sense really. Perhaps Sci-Fi couldn’t get enough advertisements to fill the slots, but that doesn’t really seem feasible if the demand was so great that they cut the sequence to ten seconds in the first place.

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