David Nykl answers your questions


1. How did Zelenka get into the stargate project on Earth?
Hard work, a good work ethic, and a lucky break in the form of a phone call. I can’t say anything more.

2. Where would you like to see Zelena progress too? And, if the the Powers That Be decide upon it, if Zelenka was fated to die, how would you like him to go out? Blaze of glory? A death to show the horrors of war? Or a quiet, subtle swan song where McKay admits envy at his technological prowess”¦
Zelenka is due for a promotion. He’s not going out; and McKay already knows about his technological superiority. He’d just never say anything. ;)

3. Of all the Atlantis episodes you’ve had the honour of starring in, which would you say was your favourite and why?
I’ve liked them all, really. Grace Under Pressure was a lot of fun. Watch
for it in November, I think.

4. Who on the set do you most enjoy working with and why?
I really like the catering guys ‘cuz they make a mean breakfast burrito.

5. Obviously there’s a lot more to the bickering insulting relationship between Dr. McKay and your character. How are you yourself portraying the role: what does Zelenka really think of McKay?
Zelenka and McKay have a complex relationship based on the character foibles of each of them. Neither one of them wants to let on that there’s more than just professional competition between them. As always, character is revealed in circumstance.

6. Is Hewlett anything like McKay? Because if he is, you have my sincerest condolences. :-)
David is a fine chap, don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise (and they will). It is always a pleasure to work with a talented and engaged actor.

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