“Alien Vs Predator 2” to be produced


SCI FI Wire is reporting that Alien vs. Predator 2 is indeed going to be made and will is likely to revolve around a battle in our world.

“We will do another one of those for sure. It was a big success. […] It’s likely that we will bridge the gap, and the beginning of that will be setting it in our contemporary universe.”

20th Century Fox Film Co-Chairman Tom Rothman told SCI FI Wire at the Saturn Awards in Los Angeles. He laughed when the characters were likened to terrorists.

“They were always terrorists, yes, but only metaphorically.”

The original movie opened to lacklustre reviews. In fact, that’s putting it mildly. Some of the more controlled reviews featured gems such as:

“Alien vs. Predator is a cool-looking lunchbox that’s full of rocks.”

“Unintentional laughs outnumber legitimate scares.”


What “success” is Mr. Tom Rothman referring to? How many bullets does it take to kill the Alien franchise?

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