James Doohan: 1920 – 2005


It is with genuine sadness, I must report the death of James Doohan, known best for the now immortalised role of Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott (Scotty) in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Scotty was perhaps, always the character I found the most heartwarming, the one I consider a definite favourite of sorts. Sure, the friendships between Kirk, Spock and McCoy was a riot. It was the key part of the series. But Scotty was always there. Holding the Enterprise together. Perhaps in a way, holding everyone else together with his wit, wisdom, and inescapable charm.

All of which was brought to life by Mr. Doohan. I’d like to thank him for that now, so, thank you.

I can only hope that, wherever he is now, it’s with DeForest Kelley, and that the pair are catching up on old times.

For more information, on his life and death, check out the following link at Star Trek.com. You will need to copy and paste because I can’t get the buttons to work. In the words of Mr Scott himself… “How quaint.”


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