Astrologer sues NASA for causing damage to comet


It would appear that humanity has fallen to new depths. A Russian astrologer named Marina Bai, is demanding $300,000,000 from NASA after it “damaged” Tempel 1, the comet with which the Deep Impact probe collided yesterday.

Apprently, her horoscope has been disturbed after the probe hit Tempel 1, directing the comet off course. The Russian astrologer claims NASA has violated her ‘spiritual rights’. Fair enough, but had Deep Impact not existed, would Marina Bai ever have even heard of Tempel 1?

According to Bai, she is no longer able to do her work properly and insists on 300 million dollars. Bai earlier attempted to stop the NASA-experiment, the court eventually allowed the case but it was already to late ‘to save’ Temple 1.

Thanks to Sci-Fi Universe for the heads up.

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