Month: June 2005

Fathom Surfaces


NBC’s upcoming science fiction show Fathom has been renamed Surface. Apparently the latest in a series of “Lost” rip-offs, the show is supposed to deal with some form of weird creature appearing all over the planet. The transparency of the […]

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So when I see you next…


Well, I’ve just watched the Sky One Enterprise Season Finale Promo. UPN take heed – this is how you make a trailer! Lots of emotion conveyed against a fantastic soundtrack (Half Light – Athlete). It even shows all of the […]

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Hmm. Apparently I’m supposed to use this to make entries on stuff… something to do with not actually being a very effective member of staff and blah blah blah… I disagree though. Afterall, the tagline was my idea. We’re geeks. […]

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